2017 Middle & High School Award Nominees & Recipients

2017 Middle & High School Award Nominees & Recipients
2017 Middle & High School Award Nominees & Recipients

2017 Middle and High School Award Nominees and Recipients

Every year, selected middle and high school students receive awards to honor their contributions and achievements in various aspects of school life. The awards range from recognizing academic achievement to outstanding community service to dedication to a particular cause. The awards are decided through faculty selection or voting among the students. Below is a list of the this year's nominees and recipients (highlighted in bold).

EARCOS Global Citizen of the Year

This award is presented to a grade 11 student who embraces the qualities of a global citizen. This student is a proud representative of his/her nation while respectful of the diversity of other nations, has an open mind, is well informed, aware and empathetic, concerned and caring for others encouraging a sense of community and strongly committed to engagement and action to make the world a better place. Finally, this student is able to interact and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life while having a sense of collective responsibility for all who inhabit the globe.

Nominees: Arunansu Patra, Sam Coutts, Auni Siukosaari, Erin Gunanto

Kerr Plaque

YIS citizenship award for the Senior student who faculty feel has been a great ambassador for the school, has been actively involved in school life and who has gone above and beyond expectations.

Nominees: Ashab Ahmad, Hemanth Aroumagam, Kazuki Doi

Werlin Making A Difference award (High School)

Awarded to a student who consistently lends a hand to another students, younger or older. Volunteers to make a difference in under-privileged lives, promoting teamwork and common accomplishments over individual recognition. Shows simple acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and caring for others. Demonstrates acts of earth stewardship and environmental activism. And is one who makes a positive difference for the people he or she comes in contact with.

Nominees: Reece Dolan, Maho Nambu

CIS International Student award (Middle & High School)

This award is given to a student or group of students who best exemplify the attributes of international citizenship through the development and advancement of internationalism. The student(s) must have demonstrated a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of other nationalities, languages or ethnic backgrounds in a spirit of international understanding and cooperation.

HS Nominees: Auni Siukosaari, Erin Gunanto

MS Nominees: MS Student Council, Red & White committee

Tanner Award (Middle School)

Given to a grade 8 student who has performed above and beyond during the school year, has been actively involved in school life since joining middle school, and has been a tremendous ambassador for the school. The recipient is chosen through faculty nominations and votes.

Nominees: Sophie Verschoof, Maia Johnston

Musician of the Year (MS)

Nominees: Kim Drange Hansen, Andre Mizoguchi, Dan Mizushima, Aki Wilson

Musician of the Year (HS)

Nominees: Alina Jalink, Jinho Shin, Henri Tomo Spencer, Airi Ki

Visual artist of the Year (MS)

Nominees: Hirotaka Yin, Mai Fujishiro, Lisa Harmer, Auriane Lanctot, Trent Jack, Adam Yun, Linnea Siukosaari

Visual Artist of the Year (HS)

Nominees: Laura Kuffner, Reina Kitamura, Grace Chung, Ayaka Miyoshi, Sato Maeda, Katie Lawrence

Dramatist of the Year (MS)

Nominees: Ebba Johansson, Cailey Griffin, Sara Nagtegaal, Edward Rogers, Mathilde Verges - Salamon, Linnea Siukosaari

Dramatist of the Year (HS)

Nominees: Kana Kawanishi, Takumi Nishi, Olle Persson, Shaun Kaneda

Koto musician of the Year (MS)

Nominees: Risa Nabari, Ryuta Arishima, Yo Watanabe

Koto musician of the Year (HS)

Nominees: Eddie Mascall-Robson, Anna Takahashi, Megumi Otani

Film maker of the year (HS)

Nominees: Sasha Aronsen, Sarah Gunanto, Justin Cheetham

HS Sportsman of the year:

Nominees: Masashi Kanizawa, Arunansu Patra, Taro Shishikura

HS Sportswoman of the year:

Nominees: Jennifer Lin, Kate Morimoto, Monica Perezagua, Sophie de Beaufort

MS Sportsman of the year:

Nominees: Yuichiro Nomura, Lukus Mui, Connor Adams

MS Sportswoman of the year:

Nominees: Akiko Avila Yoshida, Daniela Dorssers Gimenez, Sophie Verschoof

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