Thank you for your interest in working at Yokohama International School. YIS enjoys an excellent reputation for being a great school, a warm and welcoming community, and a rewarding place to work. We offer a competitive package, excellent professional development opportunities and the chance to work with talented professionals from around the world. We are looking for excellent teachers who are passionate about education and wish to contribute to school and student life in a variety of ways.

YIS is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. We do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admissions or employment policies, but may take into account factors including a student applicant's prior educational and linguistic background for purposes of admission in order to fulfill the school's mission of providing education in the English language to the international community. Furthermore, as an international school founded in 1924 and arising out of the spirit of internationalism that prevailed following the formation of the League of Nations, Yokohama International School supports the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Current Opportunities

If you are interested in working at our school, we encourage you to continue to check this webpage regularly; new vacancies are posted as they become available. Please see below for current job postings. Resumes are accepted throughout the year, so even if no opportunities are listed you are welcome to email us an expression of interest, which should include a cover letter and CV/resume.

Please note: At YIS we receive hundreds of applications each year for a limited number of positions. While each applicant will receive an automated response confirming their application, we apologize that we are not able to respond to each applicant individually and will only contact those whose applications we wish to pursue further.

Faculty Vacancies

For the 2017-18 Academic Year

There are no current openings.

Substitute Teachers

We are looking for teachers who can join our pool of substitute teachers for all sections of the school - elementary, middle school and high school. The pool will be used to cover teacher absences mainly due to illness, maternity/paternity leave or attendance at educational workshops. The substitute will be required to have a current teaching certificate. The school may help applicants obtain a work permit if he or she holds a dependent visa. To apply, please complete this form and email your current CV.

Administrative Vacancies

All of our administrative vacancies for the 2016-17 school year have been filled.

Our Professional Development Program

Everyone is a learner at YIS. As such, our professional development program is designed to support the learning of our faculty and staff, but, first and foremost, it aims to impact student learning. PD takes many forms here. There are formal events and activities, such as IB workshops, outside consultants visiting, scheduled PD days and and strategic meetings and committees. The learning can also be informal and inquiry based, responsive to the needs of the learners and the strengths of our teaching community. Most importantly, professional development seeks to empower teachers in their learning journey.

What is professional learning at YIS?
Professional learning refers to the ongoing commitment to continuous and deliberate growth in the knowledge, skills, concepts, and dispositions that are strongly correlated with improving student learning. Our fundamental beliefs include the following:
  • The primary goal of an effective professional learning program is to contribute to student learning through continual improvement of teaching and assessment strategies and practices.
  • All teachers should seek professional learning opportunities, regardless of their experience or skill level.
  • Professional learning is a career-long process.
  • Professional learning encourages collaboration between colleagues.
  • Professional learning is effective when driven by a teacher’s personal goals and interests and linked to student needs and school priorities.
  • It is every teacher’s responsibility to keep abreast of current research to ensure that students are benefitting from best practice.
The Professional Growth Plan: Learning from Each Other

At YIS, we believe in the power of inquiry. Our Professional Growth Plan (PGP) is one way that teachers are encouraged to develop their practice through inquiry-based learning. The purpose of the PGP is to pursue a professional interest to enrich teaching and learning. This is achieved by creating shared-interest groups to engage in professional conversations. Every year, teachers self-identify an area of professional interest, with the only requirement being that their area of focus must have impact on student learning. In small groups of people with similar interests, teachers work for a year studying a topic, taking action, and reflecting on the impact of the PGP in their classroom. The areas of interest demonstrate the huge variety of interests and expertise of our teaching community. For instance, PGP groups in the past have focused on Making Thinking Visible, Blogging in the Classroom, Outdoor Education, Service, Design Thinking, Gaming, and Creativity, to name but a few.

Throughout the year, teachers engage with their area of interest in many ways. Knowing that inquiry can take time, several all-staff meetings are dedicated to PGP work. Teachers keep track of their learning in a record of learning, which can be as formal as a blog or as informal as thoughts kept in a notebook. We learn from each other, sharing resources, ideas and practices in conversations and planned meetings. If a teacher needs professional development to enhance their PGP, a personal professional development fund is there to make that happen. And teachers reflect, with time and support given for reflective listening and a shared school PGP blog. PGP is one of the key components of the YIS Professional Development Program. We believe strongly that teachers can grow by learning from each other, by pursuing a passion, and by being reflective practitioners. This has a significant impact on our students and our learning community as a whole.

In Our Words

At YIS, we actively communicate our ideas on education and leadership, thus nurturing an environment of pedagogical dialogue and dynamic inquiry. "In Our Words," is an outlet where administrators, teachers and staff share their thoughts, ideas and observations about teaching, learning and community, to spark conversations and growth throughout the school.

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