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Selfies and cubism. Two extremely different types of art yet also very similar. They're both forms of art which allow you to express yourself.

From Hana, Grade 9

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Sponsored by Yokohama International School and the International Center for Japanese Culture, and funded in part by the Toshiba International Foundation and the YIS PTSA, the YIS High School Japanese Music Ensemble's 2015 New York Tour was a tremendous success.

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We hope everyone had a wonderful October break filled with good books and exciting adventures. Read more to find out what's been going on in the library.

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A big thank you to all the parents, students and staff who helped make this year's Food Fair on November 8th a success. The rain didn't stop us from celebrating our community and having a great time together!

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Meet Our Community


Middle School Student

The most interesting project I've taken part of has been working with the Student Service Committee which gives an opportunity for students from elementary to high school to come together and work with various types of service groups. The biggest accomplishment we had last year was creating the first service exhibition where groups in YIS got to promote their causes to the whole community.


High School Student

The amount of after-school activities is something I really enjoy about being a YIS student. With YIS being smaller than other schools I have attended, it's a nice surprise to find they have so many activities in music, sports, service groups, and much more.



Middle School Student

When I came to YIS, my teacher and the other students were nice to me and made me feel welcome. The teachers and our principal listen to what the students have to say and that makes us feel that we are part of making decisions. YIS is the best school I have ever gone to.


Elementary Student

The community at YIS is really good, sometimes we work with other grades, like elementary gets to interact with middle school or high school... its not just the same people you work with everyday and you can get to know other people really well.


Elementary Student

I love learning at YIS because its fun and everyday we have a different way of doing it. We have different activities giving us different styles to learn, making us confident in whatever we do.


High School Student

I love how in YIS, students are recognised for their talents/passions, which could be anything ranging from music, academics, dance to running marathons, and they are encouraged to follow their passion and extend it to a university level.


Katy Vance


The best part of my day happens to be the four periods of lunch when so many students are coming in and out of the library during that time. We'll have DP students studying, middle school students reading, and elementary students playing board games. The fact that everyone can share the space and allow all these activities to happen at once is one of the things I love about the YIS community.

Misao Akashi

Japanese Language Teacher

The best part of my school day is when I see my students have an "aha!" moment. Seeing my students discover something, whether it's intentional or not, is the best entertainment I could ever have in my life. I learn so much from these moments.

Peter Noonan

Music Teacher (MYP/DP)

Music is my meditation; It is my unconditional love; It is my breath. I love being able to play music with all of the students in the school and getting to see new musicians formed every day.

Rebekah Madrid

Humanities / History Teacher (MYP/DP)

Our student leaders are the most important people in the whole school. They are the ones to get things done, they're excited, they want to make things better.

Frank Zaal

Dutch Mother Tongue Teacher

The Mother Tongue program at YIS is very important because it acknowledges and builds the identity of the student and also creates a link between family life at home and the school environment. Also, for new students, I feel like our Mother Tongue program helps smooth the transition into the everyday school life.

Zoe Page

Grade 1 Teacher

The PYP at YIS does not look the same in every context because it is meeting the needs of those children at that time. It is working from their passions and from their interests and then taking the core curriculum and applying it in ways that the children can relate to.

Joe Martinez

Head of Design / Visual Arts (MYP)

We want to provide students with experiences that they can't get anywhere else: real-world exciting challenges that engage students and have relevance to their lives. As a teacher, I came to YIS because the school has a reputation for trying new things and pushing things forward, giving students experiences that they wouldn't get in other schools.


Takahide Koda


It's a great community to help kids discover their possibilities and be exposed to international culture. There is a real international background of students and teachers along with high quality educational programs.



In addition to the high quality, well balanced education that as parents we all want our kids to have, YIS offers this wonderful sense of community amongst the students, teachers and parents that you can immediately feel, but cannot easily describe - this is what makes YIS a truly special place.



Our child enjoys a great variety of learning experiences and opportunities for cultural exchange everyday. Whether it is going to the park, reading in the library, or enjoying art and music classes, he is always active and engaged with his classmates.



At YIS, they are teaching more how to learn than what to learn. Many schools are more top-down, meaning that teachers tell students what to learn based on the textbook, but here kids have to study how to learn by themselves based on their inquiry.



I like the connections that they make in MYP, that something you learn in one class can be connected to something that you're doing in another class.



Teachers here look at the whole child, and not just test scores. They want the child to succeed not only at school but in life, and they impart those skills.


A Caring Community

There is an unusually strong sense of care and belonging at YIS along with great pride in the cultural diversity of our community members.
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We are YIS

We are 650 students from more than 45 countries speaking multiple languages. Learners, explorers, helpers, adventurers, performers and Dragons, we are all YIS.
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Learning at YIS

Learning changes our thinking and behaviors, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning.
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